July 2017 Lectures Announced

Saturday, July 8 at 6:00pm
in the Museum’s Historic Courtyard
Back by Popular Demand for a Third Summer

Mr. Edward Wallace Portrays Mountain Man and Friend of Kit Carson, James Beckwourth.

FROM SLAVE TO SUPERSTAR: The Life of James Pierson Beckwourth

An inspiring, entertaining, educational and historically accurate portrayal of one of our forgotten heroes. Edward Wallace uses his professional acting experience to bring to life the exploits of a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring character of our early western history. Jim Beckwourth, born a slave, went on to found Pueblo, Colorado, trap beaver with the likes of Kit Carson and Jim Bridger, and discover a pass over the Sierra Madre Mountains, which made it easier for immigrants traveling to California. His other exploits include owning a hotel in Santa Fe, running a trading post in Taos, and becoming Chief of the Mountain Crows. The audience is treated to an unforgettable and educational journey into our historical past. This program has elicited such comments as “The best Chautauqua program we have ever had,” and, “Mr. Wallace’s portrayal was truly mesmerizing.”

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Saturday, July 22 – at 6:00pm
in the Museum’s Historic Courtyard
Welcome Zuni storyteller Kenneth Seowtewa

Kenneth Seowtewa is a cultural practioner, artist-in-residence, author, and visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin.

Explore the world of the A:Shiwi (Zuni), the most studied group of Native Americans, through the eyes of a man whose paternal and maternal ancestors held positions of authority through the centuries. Hear the true story of the fabled “Seven Cities of Gold” that Coronado was searching for in 1540.

Ken Seowtewa

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