Kit Carson Home and Museum Living Room


When Kit and Josefa left for Fort Garland, Colorado in 1866 they left behind many of their possessions in their Taos home, now the site of the Museum. As fate unfolded for them, Josefa passed away in Colorado, ten days after giving birth to her last child. Fate had further tragedy planned for the Carson family when Kit passed away one month to the day after Josefa.

Fate was a factor still for the Carson possessions after the death of Kit and Josefa. We do not know what happened to the immediate furnishings and possessions that were in the house at the time of their death. But it is the mission of the Museum to slowly locate and repatriate the possessions of the family.

In 2013, with the generous help of many Taos patrons who are devoted to Taos history, the Museum was able to purchase at auction Carson’s Civil War saber. The saber’s provenance is fully documented as belonging to Christopher Kit Carson. Other items purchased at the same auction include a sewing kit that belonged to Josefa and several farm tools that were in the courtyard at the time of their passing.

The Museum requests that anyone knowing of or possessing any items previously belonging to Kit and Josefa please contact the Museum. The Museum is interested in purchasing or placing on loan items with proper provenance related to the original family of Kit Carson. We are also very interested in any genealogical details directly related to Kit and Josefa and their children.

Gallery Images by Terry Thompson Photography